Southlands Methodist is host to a growing art community.   Our primary partner, is Seek art school, which runs a variety of classes and workshops during the week.   In addition, we have developed our upper floors into studios, and are presently in the process of forming an art community with the artists who are renting these spaces.    Finally, it is our vision that we might open a gallery space, with an associated pop-up cafe in the near future.  Watch this space.  For more information on these different activities, follow the links below.

Seek Art School

Our partnership with Seek Art School began in April 2018, and they began to offer a variety of workshops and classes from September.   For more information, on these workshops, classes and tuition, please follow the link to their website For a list of art events,click here events menu. A list of those coming soon, … Continue reading Seek Art School

South Bank Studios

Southlands Methodist created its first art studio in the summer of 2018, under the operating name of Southbank Studios.   We are partnering with Doug Howland in developing these spaces, and looking to create a vibrant art community within them. Over the last eighteen months we have released sixteen studios in all, across our upper floors.   … Continue reading South Bank Studios