South Bank Studios

Doug Howland

Doug Howland

Southlands Methodist created its first art studio in the summer of 2018, under the operating name of Southbank Studios.   We are partnering with Doug Howland in developing these spaces, and looking to create a vibrant art community within them.

Over the last eighteen months we have released sixteen studios in all, across our upper floors.   These are spread between our upper community hall, with its unique hexagon structure, and the upper church, which once houses pews overlooking the church sanctuary.   You will see from the photos, the atmosphere is rustic, but creative.   If you are interested in being added to the waiting list, do contact our Art Studio Team, details on our Who’s Who Page. For more information, visit

The Loft (Containing Eight Studios)

We’ve also seen the church and community spaces bedecked with galleries, and community art projects. The hall, stairs and landing are home to thousands of individually crafted butterflies….

In the church hall, we have another huge and stunning installation, reminscent of a beehive, or individually crafted hexagons, drawing inspiration from micrographs of pollen.

The resident artists have access to the church out of hours, but we aim to congregate on Thursdays, at Planet Food, to share lunch together, chat and plan workshops and events together.

The various studios have different configurations, and we host a wide range of artists, from Batik, and textile art, puppet makers, photographers, dance and drama, oils, acrylics, and mixed-media, as well as stone carvers, and plasterers.

In April, we were delighted to be a venue for several of our artists, in the York Open Studios. We aim to have even more of us being involved in 2020, and you can enjoy some refreshments, and game of pool on route! Some photos of the day, are below.

Donna showing her Animal Puppetry (Used in the Passion Plays), and mixed media art.
Two potters, huband and wife display together
Mixed Media
Colin & Sallie Black (Seek Art School) with Colin’s Art