Room Hire

Southlands Methodist has a variety of rooms available for booking,  from small intimate spaces, to large venues, suitable for concerts and productions.   To see which spaces are free, for different times in the week, then click our Room Calendar. For details of each room, see the links below. Prices are as follows:-

Price per hour*

Community Centre Church Hall Room 1 Room 2 Room 3
Occasional Bookings £26.00 £20.00 £12.50 £12.50 £10.50
Regular Bookings £21.00 £18.00 £10.50 £10.50 £8.60
*Our prices do not include setting up and clearing away. Discounts may be available depending on the period of hire and the time of day.

Room 1

This room, which is accessible at ground level is one of the most heavily used rooms in the premises and is particularly useful for meetings and activities, on a regular or occasional basis. The room is carpeted and well-lit and it accommodates up to 50 people, depending on setting. Facilities include a double power socket at … Continue reading Room 1

Room 2

This room is on the first floor at the top of the main staircase and also has stair-lift access. Like Room 1, which is immediately below, it is carpeted and accommodates up to 50 people, depending on setting. Facilities include a double power socket at both ends of the room, a pull-down screen mounted on one … Continue reading Room 2

Room 3

This room, on the first floor with staircase and stair-lift access, is the smallest of our meeting rooms, but it is carpeted and will accommodate up to 20 people, depending on setting. Facilities include double power sockets on two walls, an upright piano and direct access to a unisex toilet. It is available for hire most … Continue reading Room 3

Community Centre

This space is not carpeted but has a modern oak-block floor at ground level on which 80 people can be accommodated. It has the advantage of direct access to toilets for men and women and a toilet for the disabled (Radar key required). If needed an upright piano can be wheeled out of an adjoining storeroom. … Continue reading Community Centre

Church Hall

A new hall has been created at ground level by shortening the Worship Centre or Church. This hall can accommodate 90 to 100 people, depending on setting. The floor is not carpeted and is currently available for hire on most days and evenings for £20 per hour (occasional bookings) or £18 per hour (regular bookings). … Continue reading Church Hall

Combined New Hall & Church

On occasions, for example for a concert, hirers may wish to use a larger space created by opening out church and new hall. The hire charge for this combined space is £130 for a total of three hours (minimum booking) plus £40 for each additional hour. The following calendar shows the bookings of the individual … Continue reading Combined New Hall & Church

General Terms & Conditions

General Information The following are general terms and conditions of letting our premises.  If you need to discuss these more, please contact us. 1. No alcoholic drinks are allowed on the premises (This is a stipulation of the Methodist church nationally in order to preserve an alcohol free space in the community). 2. Any group needing  … Continue reading General Terms & Conditions

Booking Forms

This page contains links to the forms and documentation required for a booking. Safeguarding Form E SafeguardingPolicy070618 Std Booking Form

Room Calendar

The following Google Calendar shows our present room bookings and availability.  Select the tabs to see, week, month or agenda view.   To view specific rooms only, then click on the down arrow to the right of the Agenda Tab, where different Rooms can be selected and de-selected.