Divine Focus Church

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Divine Focus

Southlands are experimenting with a new form of church from September 2019, called Divine Focus. The aim is to create a church for those who love Photography, but also appreciate the creativity and possibility for the Spiritual within the art of taking photos. We aim to have a monthly theme, for people to respond to, and then email prior to the service, or bring along as A4 prints, up to six photos, so that we can share how each person has interpreted the brief. We will also spend some time in prayer, and looking at scripture, with the photographers eye, to open it up for one another. If you are interested in taking part, contact Rev Andy for details, or see our brochure, and list of themes for the coming months below.

So what is it?

The aim of ‘Divine Focus’ DF (and the name is up for discussion!) is for those people who enjoy the creativity of photography, and for whom an image really is worth a thousand words, to gather together, once a month, and share them, as our act of worship.  

How do I get involved?


Each month, we have a theme (see the insert in this leaflet) and a linked bible text.  You can draw inspiration from either, but we ask for you to respond to the theme by taking up to six photos.  We’d then ask you to email them to us in advance, or bring printouts (A4 size if possible) with you, both to show, and for you to explain their meaning to us.  

What it’s not!


What DF isn’t, is a photo club.  Its open to everyone, young and old (but we ask for under 16’s to be accompanied by an adult please.) We won’t be critiquing your photos, or grading them.  We won’t be spending time talking about techniques, or showing you how to use your camera in the sessions (although you may make friends who can help you).  You don’t need to be an expert, or use a special camera, you just need to enjoy taking photos.   The aim is to use our cameras as spiritual tools, for us to get to know one another, and our God.

What will the evening be like?


Our worship will take place at Southlands’ Methodist (so we can use the projector).  Our worship starts at 4:30pm, but we’ll be serving tea or coffee from 4:15.  We’ll remind ourselves of the theme, and the linked text.  The main part of the evening will be introducing our photos to one another, helping us all reflect on the theme and the various ways people have responded to it.  If there is time, we may read another passage, and imagining ourselves photographers,  reflect on what we ‘saw’, in our mind’s eye, from our unique camera angle and using that to unpack the meaning for one another.  Finally, we spend a little time in prayer, linking to our theme, for one another and for our community.   We’ll aim to finish by 5:30pm.

Where Do I send My Photos?

Please email me your photos, ideally by the Friday evening before the service to the following email address (large enough to show on screen.)


And Afterwards!

Our church building houses a vibrant art community, and with your permission, we’d love to use prints of your photos to create an  exhibition, which will remain on display for the month between services.   Hence, even if you do send me your photos, if you could bring at least one print, it would be really helpful.

Where is it?

Southlands Methodist church is on the junction of Bishopthorpe Rd and Southlands Road YO23 1NX.  We’ll be using the Southlands’ road entrance, at the side of the church.

Contact Us

You are welcome to join us, even if you don’t have any photos to show us that month.   Its not essential, but always helpful to know if people are going to join us, so we can let you know in the event of any changes.  If you need to contact us, or like to know more, then please email:-

Evening Themes

February 16th:  Love is….

(Linked text 1 Corinthians 13)


Our theme for this month is ‘Love is….’.   On valentines day we are surrounded by the world’s images of love.  How might you represent love in your images? (max six)….Perhaps draw on the passage for a wider view!

March 29th Spring Life – 

(Linked text Songs of Solomon 2:10-13)


March usually brings with it, the bursting forth of new life.  The daffodils begin to make an appearance, buds appear in the trees.  What signs of life can you capture?  You are invited to bring a set of photos (max six) which speak of Springtime, new life, and this emerging new life.

April 26th The Beauty of the Cross

(Linked text 1 Corinthians 1:18-25)

The Cross

The cross was a symbol of oppression, of pain and suffering, but through Jesus it has become a symbol of Hope.  If your eyes are open, you will find the cross symbol all around, in natural and man-made objects.  This months theme is to capture some of those crosses (max six), and the hope they communicate.

Click on the image below for a printable theme flyer.